I played for a year a couple of years ago, but quickly got bored with practice, and stopped. However, I still enjoy to play for fun.

Cross country
I ran for Las Vegas High School in the fall of 2010 while I was on exchange. I was the fastest girl on Varsity, and us girls won the Divisional Championship.

Girl Scouts
I was a girl scout for little less than 5 years, but I was forced to stop as my club did not have enough members and closed down.

I practiced gymnastics when I was younger, but for reasons that I do not remember, I stopped. I wish I would have continued, because I would love to be able to do the cool tricks and stunts, that my former teammates have now learned.

I played on various team throughout my childhood for a total of 5 years. I attended several summer camps, though I stopped a couple of years ago.

I learned self-defense in the winter of 2009 - 2010. I passed my first graduation and got a yellow belt, after which I stopped.

I played soccer for two years in Denmark, and made Varsity at Las Vegas High School from winter 2010 - 2011 while I was on exchange.

Ever since I stopped practicing ju-jitsu, I've wanted to learn a more offensive fighting style, and I hope to start practicing Taekwondo in the summer of 2011.

Track & Field
I'm planning on running long-distance for Las Vegas High School's Track & Field team in the spring of 2011. I also want to join the Danish athletic club, SAK77, in the summer of 2011.